Snodgrass TH Shuttle

Shuttle Begins Nov. 24th

The Snodgrass Trailhead Shuttle operates throughout the ski season running every 60 minutes Mon-Thurs and every 30 minutes Fri-Sun.  The Shuttle loops from Mountaineer Square, with stops at intersections along Gothic Rd at Mt CB Town Hall, Snodgrass TH, Prospect Dr and Paradise Rd.


StopTimesFirst BusLast Bus
Mountaineer Square:55 (& :25 on Fri-Sun)7:55 AM9:55 PM
Cinnamon Mtn/Gothic to Snodgrass TH:56 (& :26 on Fri-Sun)7:56 AM9:56 PM
Gothic/Winterset to Snodgrass TH:58 (& :28 on Fri-Sun)7:58 AM9:58 PM
Snodgrass TH:00 (& :30 on Fri-Sun)8:00 AM10:00 PM
Gothic/Winterset to Mountaineer Square:02 (& :32 on Fri-Sun)8:02 AM10:02 PM
Mt CB Town Hall to Mountaineer Square:03 (& :33 on Fri-Sun)8:03 AM10:03 PM
Paradise Road:05 (& :35 on Fri-Sun)8:05 AM10:05 PM


Monday – Thursday departs Mountaineer Square every 60 minutes from 7:55 AM to 9:55 PM

Friday – Sunday departs Mountaineer Square every 30 minutes 7:55AM to 9:55PM.




Serves Mountaineer Square, Gothic/Cinnamon Mtn (on demand), Mt CB Town Hall (on demand), Gothic/Winterset (on demand), Snodgrass TH, Gothic/Prospect (on demand), the Stables (on demand), Gothic/Winterset (again, on demand), Mt. CB Town Hall (again), Paradise Rd

  • All buses are wheelchair accessible
  • For ADA transportation, please call (970) 349-5616

Please Note:

Our primary concern is to keep passengers safe during any season. The occasional snow shower during non-Winter months can create unsafe conditions so that the Town Shuttle might not be able to stop on Gothic at Crystal and Castle Roads. If you think this is a possibility, it might not be a bad idea to walk up to the Wood Creek/Mountain Edge bus stop on Snowmass Road on the bus’ way up the mountain.