Snodgrass TH Shuttle

Shuttle Begins Nov. 27th

The Snodgrass Trailhead Shuttle operates from Nov. 27th through April 12th. The Shuttle loops from Mountaineer Square, with stops at intersections along Gothic Rd at Mt CB Town Hall, Snodgrass TH, Prospect Dr, The Stables and Paradise Rd.


StopTimesFirst BusLast Bus
Mountaineer Square:557:55 AM9:55 PM
Cinnamon Mtn/Gothic to Snodgrass TH:567:56 AM9:56 PM
Gothic/Winterset to Snodgrass TH:587:58 AM9:58 PM
Snodgrass TH:008:00 AM10:00 PM
Gothic/Winterset to Mountaineer Square:028:02 AM10:02 PM
Mt CB Town Hall to Mountaineer Square:038:03 AM10:03 PM
Paradise Road:058:05 AM10:05 PM

Catch the Condo Express from 11PM-12AM

The Condo Express is the ‘late night’ condo shuttle. It operates from the Mountaineer Square Transit Center, and drops off riders at any location on the MX Condo Routes. Catch the Condo Express from the Three Seasons Shuttle Stop at Mountaineer Square – get all the details here >>


Every 60 minutes from 7:55 AM to 9:55 PM
*From 11:00 p.m. until midnight, a condo bus will run from Mountaineer Square to a designated stop on a condo route, on demand only.


Serves Mountaineer Square, Gothic/Cinnamon Mtn (on demand), Mt CB Town Hall (on demand), Gothic/Winterset (on demand), Snodgrass TH, Gothic/Prospect (on demand), the Stables (on demand), Gothic/Winterset (again, on demand), Mt. CB Town Hall (again), Paradise Rd

  • All buses are wheelchair accessible
  • For ADA transportation, please call (970) 349-5616

Please Note:

Our primary concern is to keep passengers safe during any season. The occasional snow shower during non-Winter months can create unsafe conditions so that the Town Shuttle might not be able to stop on Gothic at Crystal and Castle Roads. If you think this is a possibility, it might not be a bad idea to walk up to the Wood Creek/Mountain Edge bus stop on Snowmass Road on the bus’ way up the mountain.